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Welcome to Angels in the Buff

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LOS ANGELES – Tuesdays at 8pm PT
DENVER – Tuesdays at 9pm MT
CHICAGO – Tuesdays at 10pm CT
NEW YORK – Tuesdays at 11pm ET
PARIS – Wednesdays at 5am
DUBAI – Wednesdays at 8am
SINGAPORE – Wednesdays at 12 noon
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SYDNEY – Wednesdays at 3pm
LONDON – Wednesdays at 4am


Angels are Technicians of the Divine.

Stephanie Lodge first streamed in the name “Angels in the Buff” one morning out of a dead sleep.  This is how her visions and ideas as an Angelic Light Stream normally come into existence, through random titles and names sprinkled into her mind during dawn time that inspire further investigation. As a host, Stephanie considers herself mainly a spiritual or ‘angelic theorist’ who is personally connected to what she terms the Angelic Streams of Light and Sound. This gives her a bit of an edge when it comes to discerning who she chooses to interview for Angels in the Buff, with leading healers, teachers and authors being her main focus.  Her goal is to lighten up the idea of spirituality as a whole, removing the seriousness and bringing in the light and playful frequencies of the Angelic intelligence of creation that surrounds us all.

As a claircognizant, healer and medium, Stephanie feels Angels mostly as energy or frequency of intelligence, and chooses to strip away the existing myths and legends surrounding the tradition of Angels to get to their pure, ‘naked’ form – energy of light, sound, intelligence and love – that can be used to heal, manifest or guide us.  Her mission is to bring Angelic Science to the forefront, creating a bridge between science and spirit so that more and more people can relate to Angels in a whole new way.



As part of the new Season 3 direction of ANGELS IN THE BUFF, Stephanie Lodge launched a new more personal episode series called AWAKEN ANGELS! on February 11, 2014, that airs every other Tuesday.  This series is roughly thirty minutes of meditation, healing guidance or inspiration led by Stephanie and the Angels who stream through their light for healing, empowerment and awakening. It is their desire for us to remember who we are, wake us up to our true mastery and allow us to step fully into our lives with purpose and abundance on all levels, so that we can be of service to humanity and our highest self.  Many of the processes shared come from Stephanie’s Halonetix Healing System and give listeners an opportunity to align their light and harmonize their soul to the highest degree possible.  Think of it as a twice-a-month “Tune-Up” for the Soul that accelerates your personal awakening to the degree you desire.

As a medium or Light Stream™, Stephanie is able to combine several frequencies of intelligence that are Angelic in nature, a method the Angels call “light weaving.”  This means there may be several angels coming through at once – a “changing of the guard” so to speak that occurs during a channeling or streaming session – since Angels essentially are collective frequencies and are not singular, personifications by nature.  As humans we prefer to label in an organized, linear fashion and call an Angel by one name, such as Michael, Gabriel or Uriel.  But, given light energy is a “quantum soup” essentially, Angels can be a blended consciousness that weaves together and streams in as one collective “we” consciousness. This is where current channels or mediums are evolving to, pulling in the multitude of frequencies of light that make up the collective oneness of all creation. We’re moving into an expanded conscious mind that is able to “decode” several light code streams at once as one message naturaly, so we’re letting go of the need to personify or personalize the source of intelligence as a “being of light” or singular “angel” or guide.  As we expand our conscious mind, we become one with all councils of light that resonate and stream from the one Source. This is what AWAKEN ANGELS! is really all about, a clarion call to all of us to wake up to our true selves as masters of universal creation – Angelic Architects of Divine Design that know who and what we are in service to the whole and goodness of all life.